Next LLL Meeting: The family & the breastfed baby

One of the challenges of growing an organization that began over 50 years ago is how to adapt to the changes within a society or culture. The women who met under a tree in a park looking for breastfeeding support way back then were not that different from the women who seek the same kind of support today. But the circumstances of today’s women have changed. Many more moms are working outside the home and need to return to work within a matter of weeks. There are more single parents, a situation that may or may not have been planned. The mother’s supportive partner may or may not be a man. Siblings may not be blood-relations.
I’d be interested to hear how moms from these modern situations handled “bringing home baby” and how we can add their perspectives to our knowledge base on how to support the new mother and her family.
Please join us Wednesday, June 8th at 7pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Pittsfield to continue the discussion!


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Co-leader of LLL of North/Central Berkshire County, MA
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